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Kitchen Demolition Fun

All of the contents of the kitchen cabinets had to be removed and store. This took two days to do and we decided to purchase ten large plastic storage bins to pack most of the goods away. Cost was less $100 all in. We found the best deal at Canadian Tire although Home Depot had a simple deal. We segmented the non-perishable food bins from the non-food bins and placed them all in the dining room. The disruption chaos has begun. Remember this is Day One of an estimated 42 days to complete this project.

The wall between the dining room and the kitchen has to be stripped of its drywall skin. The bulkheads on the ceiling of the kitchen have to be  removed to open up the ceiling to enable all the changes to take place. We had large drop sheets which we placed over the work areas to capture debris and protection the floor surfaces. We placed sheets over the dining room sideboard to protect it from dust and scratches.


We wanted to keep the kitchen appliances going as long as possible. So for week one, we kept the fridge, gas stove and sink operating to have some semblance of a functioning kitchen.

We had all the safety gear with work gloves, eye protection and safety boots

 It's true that the demolition process is cathartic and done properly can be a lot of fun. Everything went out to the dumpster in the middle of a howling snow storm.

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