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We are a group of companies of Swedish origin, that since 1995 has been engaged in the design, development, sourcing and sales of an extensive range of garden furniture, decking and deck tiles, indoor furniture, solid wood kitchen worktops, stair- and DIY panels.


Our core customer base is found mainly in Europe, United States, India, Australia and New Zealand and consist of World leading Furniture retailers, World Class DIY retailers, pure E-Commerce retailers, the Kitchen and Stair industry as well as distributors to these.


With our wide range of Commercial Delights, with Extensive Capacities from more than 50 factories, with solid Quality Assurance systems in place and with a Thorough Understanding on World Class retailers demands, we possess a strong foundation to serve the worldwide market within many different Home Furnishing Categories.


Our Mission

We shall provide commercially interesting volume products quality assured, on time and at very attractive prices to retailers and distributors in the building and furniture sector based on lean systems and processes in a manner recognized as “World-Class” by all stakeholders.


Our Offer

We take pride in offering our customers the following:

 - A wide range of very attractive products from a design, feature and commercial point of view.

 - The possibility to at all times log into our house developed Business Administration System BizMaS and there find all facts about past and present business between us including updated delivery plans, product descriptions, latest offers, copies of all Invoices, B/L’s, packing lists, statistics and so forth.

 - A thorough Quality Assurance system making sure that each container leaving has been systematically inspected in all production phases until the goods is secured and the container door is closed.

 - All well documented by our Quality Engineers through Inspection Reports with pictures available for view in our BizMaS system.

 - Close follow up in the pre-production and production phases with all sub-factories, making sure that the agreed delivery times will be kept. All well documented and updated in our BizMaS system.

 - The possibility in BizMaS, to open our house developed Container Planning system Stuff It, and in 3D visually plan and load your own articles into containers, optimizing the mixture of the load and also directly see the landed cost in your own warehouse based on your own freight parameters.

 - A very committed organization with skilled and qualified professionals within Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance, Customer Service and Business Administration striving for Excellence with ZERO Defects.

 - A strong and well trained Sales Force available locally in most of our sales countries, devoted to please our customers every wish and to communicating our customers’ requirements and trends in the markets backwards in the organization.