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Frequently Asked Questions About Barn Doors & Barn Door Hardware

Looking for more information before deciding on a hardwood barn door? You've come to the right place, here we can help you with any questions you may have regarding our products and services!


 How much space should I have above my barn door opening (door frame)?

In order to install your hardwood barn door, your doorway must have a minimum clearance of 6" inches. Any less than 6" will not be enough space to install your hardwood barn door.


 How much space should there be on the side of my door?

For the best results, we recommend fitting the door 1-2" beyond the opening. However, if you're looking to cover the entire door casing, 4" will be your ideal fitting.


Do you custom fit barn doors?

Yes! We can customize your barn door in order to fit your specific door opening! 


What is a farmhouse sliding door? 

Farmhouse sliding doors is simply a name people use when they are referring to barn doors. Some people also call these sliding barn doors and rolling barn doors.


What system do you currently offer?

We have single, double and quadruple system available for you.


What about hardware and handles for the doors?

All our hardware and handles come customized to your specific installation, ensuring the highest quality final product.


What about staining?

We offer stain finishes are our specific to your taste and what you want in your room. 


Do you deliver the doors?

Yes! We deliver the doors to your home within Ontario.


 How long does it take?

Custom doors arrive in 10 days and if you would like us to install the doors, this service would take 1 day of installation.


What about customization?

We build the door to your custom specs, including various species of wood as well as real barn wood.


All our custom barn doors are made in Ontario, Canada.