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Custom Barn Doors

Authentic rustic pine textured finish.
14 Day Delivery.

1. One price for three standard sizes:

36” x 84”
40” x 84”
42" x 84”

2. Custom sizes available in two weeks up to 120” height and 72” width. 

3. Special low-cost delivery to Ontario destinations. 

4. Five stain finishes Included in the price. Custom stain and paint finishing available. Ask our Support Agent on Live Chat to quote you. 

5. Special package pricing for doors and hardware. Ask our Support Agent on Live Chat to quote you.


One Week Delivery for Custom Built Barn Doors in the GTA

At Trending Home Décor we’re proud of the fact that we’re Canadian owned and operated. We source many materials and build custom barn doors right here in the province of Ontario. Barn doors are sometimes called sliding barn doors, rolling barn doors, and even farmhouse sliding doors. These are all great names for the hot and trending new product that's on all the home renovation shows. Trending Home has an interesting range of both elegant and rustic barn door styles.

You’ll be pleased and surprised to find that we have standard barn doors in a variety of sizes and styles in stock all ready to apply the finish and ship to your door.  For example, one of our popular models, The Dixie is available in a common height of 84” but in several widths, 36”, 40”, and 42” to meet your individual needs.  We can also provide at 48” wide large barn door in the Dixie for a surcharge of $75.  The Centre Rail Barn door is once again 84” high but comes in 36”, 38”, 40” and 42” widths.  So, select the door to meet your individual space and design needs and take a look at the specific sizes available in that model.  If by chance our stock sizes will not work for you, you may have to order one of our custom barn doors. We specialize in the quick manufacture of custom made barn doors. Our customers are most often pleased when we promise to deliver their custom built barn door in about a week if they live in the GTA.


Ordering a Custom Barn Door is Fast and Easy

How do I order a custom barn door you ask?  The best bet is to have a look at the barn door styles available on our website to give you some idea of the custom barn door model that will suit your room and decorating tastes. Some of our customers prefer a rustic barn door, others a more formal appearance. Perhaps your aperture is wider or smaller than the standard barn door styles we offer. Or perhaps your doorway is taller. Not to worry, we’ll work with you to construct a narrower or large barn door that will look attractive and meet your requirements.  The best bet is to have a good sense for the finish you want, painted, stained or minwaxed and the measurements or your doorway.  Then get in touch with us by phone 1.647.457.6011 or But perhaps the best approach for ordering your custom barn door is to go online to our website and chat with Dave, our custom barn door tech specialist.  Dave is a friendly, understanding and experienced guy. He’s helped hundreds of our customers with their orders for small or large barn doors. He’ll easily lead you through the simple steps to ordering your custom built barn door.  

And what’s even better is that Dave knows our customers appreciate quick service. If your address is in the GTA and some of the immediate surrounding areas he’ll boldly promise you one week delivery.  So, whether you’re ordering one of our rustic barn doors or something a bit more finished and perhaps even elegant, we can have your custom made barn door guaranteed for one week delivery.


Attractive Hardware to Accompany Your Custom Built Barn Door

Once you’ve settled on the custom made barn door that will add a design feature to your room you can consider some of the hardware options available to you from Trending Home Décor.  Take a look at the stainless steel or black metal hardware kits.  These kits include the durable smooth rolling wheels and hangers to support your door.  Decide on the length of the running track you need.  The standard running track length is 78.75” but you may want to go to 118” if you have selected a custom made barn door that is 50’ or 60’ wide.  Dave, our online expert on large barn doors and the various barn door styles we offer can help you decide on the details of your order.

To complete your purchase of your custom built barn door you may want to decide which of our various handles you want.  They’re available in several designs to complement your décor.  They range from the more formal appearance of the Bender handle to the rustic style we offer in our Medieval and Hammered door handles.  Whichever you select, you’ll be pleased with the quality of the material and the modest price for this piece of hardware.

Trending Home Décor has many happy customers.  They’re pleased with the range and quality of the products we sell.  Our service is first class.  Our delivery schedule is fast and reliable.  We’ll work with you to ensure the easy installation of your new custom made barn door.   So…get in touch with us and we’ll get busy with your order and have it to your home or office in no time at all.


You Don't Need a Farmhouse to Have a Farmhouse Sliding Door

Farmhouse sliding doors is a name often referred to by people looking for barn doors, otherwise known as sliding barn doors and rolling barn doors. All of these name variations refer to a trending and popular return of a classic barn door that was historically used on barns and farmhouses. These types of doors have made a comeback and are now ultra-popular in new homes and condos. Trending home has the largest selection of custom barn doors and barn door hardware available in Canada. 

farmhouse sliding door in rustic farmhouse between kitchen and hall


Double sliding barn doors are a beautiful alternative to regular barn doors. 

Double sliding barn doors, also known as biparting barn doors, are a unique and beautiful alternative to your regular, run of the mill barn door. They can be used on any door opening, both regular sized and wider openings (such as closets, and room dividers). Trending home has a large selection of double sliding barn doors for you to chose from in order to give you the room of your dreams.