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Blog posts of '2016' 'February'

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Now that the new oak floor has been installed and finishin, we're ready for the cabinets. it took a week to get al of the cabinets and accessories delivered to our place. But we did get one day of installation as shown below. At this stage we paid Kirchen & Bath another 45% of our contract for a toal of 90%. We're now three weeks ito the project.


In week four more progress was made including the island and recessed lighting installation as shown below. Bringing Andy, our electrician, back in had to be coordinated with the installation of the cabinets. We had to be available constantly to make decisions for our cabinet installer regarding issues with plumbing and electircal connections since these cabinets have to be fitted around them. Before the cabinets were delivered we had to plan for this to minimize the cut-outs and holes that had to be made in the back of the cabinets. 

Now things are shaping up. We can begin to see our vision taking shape. The almond cabinets with an espresso island on an oak floor.

At the start of week five the quartz countertops were measured from the template of our installed cabinets and islands. Delivery will take ten days. Now the finishing details can be worked on while we wait for our countertop. Details like door installation, lighting valences and crown molding.

 At least we got to put the fridge back in place. Once the countertops are installed, the dishwasher, sink, garburator and water to the fridge can be connnected. Now ere're talking!