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Blog posts of '2016' 'December'

Barn Doors Delivered to Cottage Country

Evan and I delivered four custom-sized barn doors to cottage country. The cottage was located in Kawartha Lakes Country north of Peterborough, Ontario.

Kawartha Lake Cottage

The barn doors required special handling and some muscle. Thanks to Evan aka "the human crane".

Barn Door Delivery - A Two Man Job

It was quite the operation moving the doors across the deck, through the patio doors and up a narrow staircase.

74" x 84" Barn Door  - That's a Big Bruiser!

The barn doors will be used as bypassing closet doors, a bathroom door and the main bedroom entry door.

The doors were left in place in the bedroom waiting to be installed.

Large 74" x 84" Barn Doors Waiting to be Installed


Here are the "before" images" showing the bypass closet openings, the bathroom doorway and main entry doorway.

Closet "Before" Barn Door Installation

Bathroom Doorway Before Installing the Barn Door

Main Entry Doorway Before Barn Door Installation

The barn doors are scheduled to be installed soon so we will be able to post the "after" shots.